According to studies, Melbourne is in second place for liveable cities in the world. It has low crime and unemployment rates with high-quality living infrastructure. It is the ideal place for living with family and raising your children. The peoples across Melbourne or Australia want to move to precious places and enjoy high-class living with glorifying views and nightlife. Apart from everything, it is the capital city and also has plenty of renters and tenants. According to a Melbourne survey, the rent index was reduced by 0.6 percent and the rental market is stable for residentials even during the pandemic situation. So it is clear that the rental property is economical for living or moving towards the new house.

Besides all the facts it is essential to sign the rental bond or agreement with the landlord and then ensure good care of the property during the lease. But also ensure take the bond back while moving to a new place or rental property.

What is a rental agreement or bond?

The rental agreement or bond includes all the policies between tenants and landlords. It includes the fact that tenants must return the property to its original state. Moreover, it also includes the bond money that you will claim while vacating the property. If you do half the cleaning while leaving the property, the landlord will deduct half your money.

Therefore the tenants need to hire end-of-lease cleaning companies in Melbourne and Geelong. The upholstery cleaning services will ensure the ideal cleaning of the property to get the bond money back from the landlord.

Now, if you are also moving to a new place and want to get your bond back in Melbourne or Geelong, then this guide is for you.

Here we will share some tips that will help you to get a bond back from the landlord in Melbourne or Geelong.

So let’s dive into it.

Things to consider for getting the bond back from the landlord

Every tenant and landlord has an agreement for bond money. So it is essential to read the agreement carefully and then sign to secure your bond.

However here are the essential things to do for getting bonds back from the landlord in Melbourne or Geelong.

Compare the initial condition report effectively

The landlord will always inspect the property from every corner to ensure end-of-lease cleaning. If you want to get your bond back from the landlord, then ensure to compare the initial condition report with the current condition of tendency. It will help you to know about repairs. Moreover, ensure to notice the previous damages when you move into the new property and add in the initial condition report. For additional evidence, you can also take notes and pictures and keep them as evidence.

However, for the end-of-lease cleaning, you can compare the initial condition report and show it as evidence to the landlord. It will help you to get your full bond back from the landlord.

Call for the repairs as soon as possible

When you compare the initial condition report at the end of the lease cleaning, you will get some new property damages. It is essential to inform the landlord and call for repair services. According to the agreement, tenants are responsible for the maintenance of the property in Melbourne or Geelong. So the repair services will repair the damages, whether a leaky faucet or something else. The end-of-lease cleaning services will clean the mold growth in different areas before the final inspection.

Always hire expert end-of-lease cleaning services

Most tenants fail to get the bond back in Melbourne due to a lack of cleaning and the messy condition of the property. Remember that you can only get the bond back from the tenant when you return the property to its initial state. Ensure to perform a deep cleaning of every corner. If you are busy with some other chores like setting up a new place, then ensure to hire expert end-of-lease cleaning services.

The end-of-lease cleaning services include carpet cleaning, upholstery, kitchen countertop, microwave, and all other corner cleanings.

The expert team of end-of-lease cleaning will increase the chances of your total bond money return in Melbourne or Geelong. Ensure that the cleaning service is environmentally friendly and treat your home as personal property.

Claim the bond back from the landlord

Many tenants find it complicated to claim the bond money from the landlord. But it is not a tricky task. If you take care of the property well, pay a reasonable rent and perform all agreement duties, then getting your bond back is your right. It is easy to get the bond from the landlord in Melbourne or Geelong without any hassle.

First, you need to agree on bond money with your landlord while performing the tenant inspection at the end of the lease. The landlord will submit the bond claim when you move from the property. Once the landlord submits the bond claim, you will get all details through email and ask for your bank details. Enter your band details and get your bond money back in the account.

Keep checking on delays and disputes, if any.

Keep in mind that within two days of accepting the bond claim by the tenant in Melbourne or Geelong, the RTBA will pay your money back. The bond acceptance takes 14 days to complete. If you didn’t get the bond back in the given timeline then there must be a dispute or delay.

If the 14 days pass and you don’t get your bond back, check your account details or signatures. You can also get the hearing with VCAT if there is no other issue in your claim. Ensure you attach the application form with evidence and send a copy to the property manager. After applying, you will get the bond back in Melbourne or Geelong from RTBA.

We hope this guide will help you in getting bond money back from the landlord in Melbourne or Geelong and get new property according to your dream.