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    Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in Kew

    Have you noticed that your carpet is looking a little worse for wear? Dealing with unpleasant smells in your home, or an increase in allergy symptoms?

    If you answer yes to any of the above questions, it may mean that you need to schedule a carpet cleaning. While regular vacuuming is a great way to keep your home clean, even the most powerful vacuums only tend to work on the surface level. This means that there’s plenty of bacteria, dust and debris gathering in your home – you just can’t see it.

    Over time, this could also cause your carpet to look dull and lifeless, and could even mean that you need to replace it much sooner than you intend. However (and more importantly) an unclean carpet becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria that could be putting your health at risk.

    At Eco Bond Carpet Cleaning Kew, we provide customers in Kew and the surrounding areas with state-of-the-art home maintenance services, including carpet steam cleaning, rental cleaning and more.

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    Freshen up your carpet with our carpet steam cleaning

    Whether you want to freshen up your carpet or remove allergens and bacteria from your home, we’re here to help. A regular carpet cleaning session will start with a thorough vacuum of your carpet(s). For this process, we use a professional-grade vacuum, which has a powerful suction feature. This means it’s well-serviced to remove the most persistent debris out from your carpets.

    We’ll then steam clean your carpet, which will not only kill any bacteria present but will also remove any persistent or deep stains from the surface of your carpet – the kind that you may have believed would be there forever. As we use high-quality equipment and eco-friendly products, you can use the carpeted rooms immediately when the process is complete – which means we won’t interfere with your day!

    We understand that immediacy is sometimes required in these situations – whether your children have decided to repaint the living room or someone spilt a glass of wine – and that’s why we offer same-day cleaning services in Kew and the surrounding areas. This enables us to tackle problems quickly and efficiently.

    With 100% satisfaction rates on our previous projects, we’re quickly becoming one of the most trusted carpet cleaners in the area. We promise great results from our endeavours, whether you’re looking to remove stains, bacteria and allergens, or even unpleasant smells! We also pride ourselves on incredible pricing for professional services – as we don’t believe that you ought to break the bank to keep your home a safe, clean space.

    If you’re currently in the process of vacating a rental property, a carpet clean can also ensure you get back your holding deposit – as it removes any of the damage that goes beyond excusable ‘wear and tear’, (i.e., the things that landlords would otherwise attempt to charge you for). As such, we’d advise you to always use a professional cleaner for these tasks to ensure you get as much of your deposit back as possible.

    Get in touch today to find out more, or to receive a free quote! We look forward to hearing from you!