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    Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in St Kilda

    Whether you are trying to get your rental apartment in good shape before moving out or looking to freshen up your home, carpet cleaning is a great way to give your carpet a fresh lease of life. Not only will it ensure you pass any property inspection (meaning you’ll get your deposit back), but it will also look good as new! 

    However, professional carpet cleaning goes beyond the surface level when it comes to revitalising your carpet. It will also work to remove anything that may be lingering deep between the fibres of your carpet, such as: 

    • Pollen.
    • Dust.
    • Dust mites. 
    • Bacteria. 
    • Allergens. 
    • Dead skin.
    • Pet Dander. 

    The removal of allergens (as mentioned above) and bacteria is essential for those who are trying to maintain a healthy, happy home. For example, dust mites can lead to a range of health complications, such as allergies, asthma and more.

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    Same-Day Carpet Cleaning in St Kilda

    Regardless of whatever issues you may be dealing with, we offer same-day carpet Cleaning in St Kilda and the surrounding areas. This is great news for those who have left their end of tenancy cleaning until the last minute or have recently spilt something on their carpet. Either way, we’ve got you covered and are on hand to make your carpet look good as new in record time. While we perform our duties quickly, we always carry out projects to a high, professional standard and for a fair price. After all, we don’t think you should have to empty your bank account in order to keep your home looking its best.

    We use a variety of professional-grade products when carrying out a carpet cleaning service. For example, if you’ve gone for a carpet steam cleaning before we begin the steaming process we’ll use an industrial-grade vacuum to pick up surface-level debris from your carpet. We’ll then use a state-of-the-art steamer, which deep-cleans your carpet. Steaming is a much more effective method than shampooing alone, as the high temperature means you can kill bacteria, alongside any pests/eggs that may be hidden in between the fibres of your carpet. To put it simply, it targets the areas you can’t see alongside those you can, making for a more thorough clean with better long-term results.

    Furthemore, we pride ourselves on only using cleaning products that are eco-friendly. This means that the products we use are free from overly harsh chemicals or toxins, while still achieving the same end goal of making your carpet look as though it was only recently installed. Due to the nature of the products we use, we won’t impact the air quality of your home, and you’ll also be able to use the room(s) right away once the process is finished. As such, we’re a great choice for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

    If you’d like to find out any more about our services or to request a free quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch today! 
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