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Eliminate smells, stains and allergens with our eco-friendly carpet cleaning services.
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Get powerful, grime-busting carpet cleaning in Point Cook to make your carpets look good as new.

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    Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in Point Cook

    If you want to make your carpets look fresh, our carpet cleaning is the way to go. Our professional carpet cleaning services are suitable for both domestic and commercial settings and easy to arrange: just give us a call.

    You won’t believe how much of a difference our carpet cleaning services can make to the look of your carpets. Using advanced techniques, we remove and eliminate almost all the dirt your carpet is harbouring, bringing it back to its original condition.

    It’s not just carpets that can benefit, either. Our professionals can clean your upholstery at the same time, making your communal areas look and feel incredibly fresh.

    We always work quickly and efficiently. And because of our advanced, rapid-acting technology, we’re also extremely affordable. We can complete a professional carpet cleaning in Point Cook in less time than you’d think.

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    Local Carpet Cleaners

    Local carpet cleaning professionals who have helped clean thousands of properties.

    7-day Satisfaction Guarantee on Carpet Cleaning

    Take advantage of our 100% 7-day satisfaction guarantee and book our carpet cleaning services today!

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service & Competitive Prices

    We believe in creating long-term relationships; therefore, we maintain an affordable service that remains effective for long-term commitments

    How Steam Carpet Cleaning Works

    The way steam carpet cleaning works is straightforward. Equipment ejects hot water vapour from a nozzle at the front. This high-powered jet penetrates between carpet fibres where dirt and grime particles may have accumulated.

    As the washer head moves over the carpet, it agitates these particles. A brush attachment loosens them further, helping to move them to the surface. At the rear of the washer head is a vacuum. This attachment then sucks up all of the particles into a receptacle.

    Incredibly, all this happens in the blink of an eye. Technicians glide hot water extraction devices over your carpets just like a regular vacuum but with spectacular results.

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    Contact our team today for carpet steam cleaning in Point Cook and other near by suburbs. Find out how much you could save versus the competition. Eco Bond Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning services, affordable end-of-lease cleaning, carpet pet stain removal, affordable bond back cleaning, affordable vacate cleaning, steam cleaning mattress, upholstery steaming and affordable mat and rug cleaning in Melbourne and Geelong.